Videosonic creates major new Lecture Hall capability at Mt. Sinai Hospital

Videosonic recently completed a major new presentation and videoconferencing installation for the Davis Lecture Hall in the HESS Center for Science and Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.

The three-room installation included identical lecterns with environmental controls and the capability to show presentations, videoconference and send presentations to other parts of the campus through the master control room.

This control room serves as the control hub for the three large venue spaces (Lecture Hall and two Seminar Rooms). Operators can see what is happening via the video cameras in each room and can assist with controlling, recording and sending images to other areas of the campus via a fiber network.

The equipment racks are located in a control room at the rear of the Lecture Hall. The control room serves as the hub for videoconferencing, recording, capturing and sending video to other areas of the campus. Each room can have its own operator, who assists with videoconferencing calls, makes sure the recording is taking place, monitoring the capture of presentations and any troubleshooting required.

Vaddio cameras and camera controllers are used in each room to control the cameras and provide audio for videoconferences.

Each large venue room is using a Polycom HDX 7000 for videoconferencing, KiPro recorders for live recording, ECHO 360 for capture and archiving lectures. There is also a Listen Technologies wireless delegate microphone system (Confidia) for each venue with 8 wireless microphones. These were selected for the exceptionally long (24 hour) battery life of the rechargeable batteries. You can see the rack mounted battery charging stations in picture #14 on the right. A BlackMagic Design 72 x 144 HD-SDI matrix is used to route signals within and between rooms and throughout the campus.

Each room has its own Polycom codec, which can be used for point to point calls or through the Polycom bridge for multisite calls.

All three large venue rooms were programmed by VSS programmers. Each room has two control panels, one at the lectern and one in the control room. We used a two phase GUI. The lectern has very limited selections as we didn’t want to overwhelm the presenters with anything too complex that would not be intuitive to use. The control panel in the control room has the same GUI, PLUS the ability to address each piece of equipment individually for more complete control. There are hidden tech pages so any troubleshooting can take place from either panel.

Read all about it here at IT/AV Report (will launch in a new window) and click here for a downloadable PDF.

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