Multi-Touch Interfaces

[wolf_dropcap]D[/wolf_dropcap]o you have a unique new product you wish to showcase and introduce to the public? Are your planning a sales office for a real estate or other concept that you need a unique and inviting sales tool that will engage you client’s interest?

We are experts in the exciting new field of interactive multi-touch applications and content. Ask us about converting your existing content into this dynamic, engaging new platform!

Our partners include Intuilab, CyberTouch, Spinetix, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Polycom and Microsoft Surface.

VideoSonic is known for taking on a challenge. We are also known for “not going after the low hanging fruit.” The more difficult the project, the more desire we have to succeed.

Bring us your ideas and concepts and let us demonstrate how we can bring them to reality, within budget, yet maintain a level of quality to provide the dynamics that can benefit your project.

Let us help you to create your space and promote you product and idea – you never know, it may just be our next award winning, critically acclaimed, benchmark for which others will need to set their standards.