When the Statue of Liberty re-opened to the public in 2003, visitors were welcomed with a new Wayfinding and Information Display Systems designed and installed by VideoSonic. Careful attention was made to assure that the new technology blended well with the historical interiors of this National monument. An example of that is the Lobby Information Display; the antique bronze monitor surround matches the existing 150 year old metalwork.

VideoSonic designed and installed an interactive presentation system that enables the rangers to use multi-media to educate the visitors to the design and construction of the statue. The work also included the installation of over 20 flat panels screen for digital signage that replaced printed signage informing visitors of tour times and other points of interest on Liberty Island.

In 2013, after the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, Videosonic was on hand once again to help get Lady Liberty look her best for the grand re-opening to the public on the Fourth of July. We installed all new digital signage monitors in the Crown Cafe and Gift Shop and converted a library of related DVDs to run in perpetuity at various points of sale.