System Upgrades

Typically, AV equipment evolves very rapidly, new models are often replaced with old; a new product’s lifespan is relatively short. This fact has been recently compounded with the introduction of High Definition and Digital Video, causing even new equipment purchased within the last two years to be obsolete or incompatible with digital technologies.The quality of digital HD video is so good, and the fact that duplicates can be made without any degradation put Hollywood into a panic, worrying about piracy and illegal duplication and distribution of content.

To counter any abuse of digital HD video, Hollywood has caused the manufacturers to “build-in” some intelligence into digital players and monitors. The player, when connected to the display, indentifies itself to the display in the form on a “handshake’” confirmation that identifies the monitor type is then returned to the player, signaling it’s “OK” to display the content.

In a home environment, where a player provides signal to a single display, usually do not present a problem. Commercial spaces are where the issues begin as they often have multiple screens on which to display content.

VideoSonic has extensive experience in dealing with digital video and HD content at the commercial level. We provide a service where we come to your facility and evaluate your existing equipment, discuss your future goals, and enable us to propose some changes and upgrades to bring your system up to the latest specifications.

Please contact us to find out more about this service.