Do you have an “AV Wish List?” Have you previously invested in an AV system for your facility that was underutilized? Was it cumbersome and frustrating to use? Did you find it intimidating when all you wanted to do was display a simple power point presentation?Our approach to AV System design starts with qualifying your needs:

• Who will be using the system?

• What type of content will you be presenting?

• Will the room be used for presentations or training, perhaps both (we call this a multi-purpose room)?

• Will you be using the room for audio or video teleconferencing?

These are just a sample of the qualifying questions we discuss to assure you that your system is designed for your needs. Room size, ceiling height, ambient lighting conditions and furniture all play a role in the design of your system.We’ll do our job to make sure your system is designed properly, so that you will be able to use it efficiently and effectively.